Ny Vestergade 7C
DK-1471 Copenhagen K

Johan Assing Høyer:
+45 25 68 04 90 / johan.hoeyer@gmail.com

LYDBROR (SOUNDBROTHER) is a creative music and sound studio founded in 2015 by Johan Assing Høyer and Emil Assing Høyer.
Based in Copenhagen, we offer post-production services such as music production and sound design for TV, film, commercials and web.

Johan is a re-recording mixer and sound designer with 17 years of experience in film, TV and music production.
He has previously worked at Sun Studio and Freezone.
Emil is sound designer, composer and music producer. He makes music and sound design for theatre, commercials and film.
He graduated as a Sound Designer from The Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2009.